Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Musts of Packing Books for Moving House

The process of moving house is notorious for the chaos that it brings. There are boxes and packaging supplies everywhere, the whole house needs to be packed down safe and neat, and the stress levels are rising. In all of that chaos, it is easy to forget some of the basic rules of packing for moving house. There are also belongings that need to be wrapped in a specific way in order to prevent any ordeals from happening. One such belonging is the home library. Books seem extremely easy to organize in a box and be done with it, but there is one detail - the box will be incredibly heavy. There are a few ways to minimize the weight and organize your book collection.

Sort through your book collection
The cost hat you will have to pay for the move depends on the distance and the weight you are moving. Books add up fast especially if you have a large book collection. Lay them all out and separate your absolute must haves. Those are coming with you to your new home. Separate the ones you have not touched in years or never even bothered to read. Think about donating or selling them, or giving them to friends.

Organize your books
The organization is essential if you want your move to be smooth. Start by organizing your books further into piles for taking and leaving behind. Next, organize the ones that are coming with you by size to put them in their box easier and maximize the space in the box. When it is time to arrange your books, place them either with the spines down or flat. Placing them flat is the better option as it ensures the spines will be safe.

Proper Supplies
Now that you have organized your collection, you need to make sure that they will be safe and sound during the transportation. First of all, you need sturdy boxes. Don't go for cheap moving boxes but for those that are made of cardboard thicker than usual. The packing paper you use should be soft if the copies are antique or extremely valuable. Newspapers are a great packing material to use as well if the books do not require any extra attention. Packing tape is essential. Buy at least two rolls of packing tape that is high-quality. It will also be used to reinforce the boxes full of box additionally. Make sure to add a layer of packing tape to the bottom of the boxes and cover up the whole thing. Next, put a label on your sturdy book box and you are ready to go.

Be efficient
Using sturdy thick cardboard rather than cheap moving boxes is essential. Using alternative methods and supplies to pack your reads is also a good idea. You can pack your heaviest books in your suitcases - they are sturdy, lined up with fabric, and will not require any additional reinforcement.

There are a few things that you need to know when you are moving your books. Although packing up the reads may seem like a pretty straightforward task, if you pass up on the ground rules you might have a lot of problems. Always remember, to organize efficiently, check for the weight of the box after every two books or so and to reinforce as well as you possibly can

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